Automated Web Testing with Selenium and C# Video Course

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As I wrote in my previous Selenium course review, I'm currently reviewing courses for my company that I think will help other teams learn test automation using Selenium. Since I often receive emails asking for course recommendations, I thought it might also be helpful to share this info with my loyal blog readers. Here is the second course that I have reviewed and recommended.




I finished the Pluralsight course Automated Web Testing with Selenium online video training course and wanted to give you a quick review of what I found.


Course name:
Automated Web Testing with Selenium

John Sonmez

Course Overview

This is a fast-paced course that covers what a typical automation engineer would need to know to get started with Selenium using Visual Studio and C#.

Course Detail

The course is broken into six main modules that cover:

  • Selenium Overview
  • Selenium IDE
  • Webdriver basics
  • Advanced Webdriver
  • Selenium Grid
  • Building a Framework

The total course duration is 3 ½ hours and is made up of 76 small videos.

My Experience:

I really enjoyed this course. It was quicker than the Udemy course (Selenium WebDriver Basics with Java) that I reviewed earlier and is a little more polished. It took me about a week to complete, working one or two hours each night. The instructor's examples were very clear and easy to follow.  I was able to follow along quite easily, and never felt like the author was leaving anything out. I feel that someone would be able to complete this course much quicker than the Udemy one and get almost as much value out of it.


Since this course focused on C# and not Java it didn't cover certain things, — jUnit and Maven, for instance — that the team I'm working with now uses. Although the concepts are very similar, the syntax on how to do things in Selenium is different in C# compared to Java; so if, say, an engineer was trying to follow along using Java, he or she might become a little lost.

That being said, if I were developing a .Net automation framework using C#, this course is an excellent choice. I really liked the automation framework rules that author goes over near the end of the course for how a framework should be designed. The author also gives a nice explanation on how Selenium is able to work with different language bindings using REST. Best of all, John shows key principles on how to design a reusable automation framework that I think will help all of your team members( including less technical people) be more productive in their efforts.

Ultimately, the way I like to judge something is by asking myself whether I would be willing to pay for it out of my own pocket — and based on this course I can say that if my company doesn't obtain a license for Pluralsight, I just may buy my own personal license ($299.00 annually) to order to gain access to all their other training courses.

There is also another course Creating an Automated Testing Framework with Selenium by the same instructor that does a deep dive on how to create an automated framework that I have not checkout yet. So stay tuned with my review of that once I finish it.