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Having issues viewing certain Excel test resources in Quality Center or ALM?

In the past I've seen issues with some test resources that used Excel not being viewable in ALM. I was confused why some worked and others did not. It turns out that this is a known issue.

What can cause this ALM Excel behavior?

According to HP its third-party component for QTP does not support Excel files that contain certain formatting. Unfortunately, they don't specify exactly what formatting cause this but they do supply the following workaround

How to fix

To fix this funky formatting issue HP basically recommends that open your XLS and convert it to .csv then back to XLS. By saving as a .csv file, Excel will remove the formatting that is causing the issue in the .xls file)

  • Open up your .xls file that is causing an issue with ALM's test resource
  • In excel navigate to File>Save As and save the file as .csv

  • Close Excel
  • Reopen the .csv file in Excel
  • Click File>Save As and save the file back to .xls
  • Upload the new .xls file to your ALM resource

Did it work?

After performing the above steps you should now be able to view the resource in Quality Center.

4 responses to “ALM/QC Excel Test Resource cannot be viewed”

  1. Hi Joe,
    I am trying to upload my GH Tester script files to Test Script tab using OTA. Is it possible to do? for a test with type =’GH-Tester’, it has Project and Resource in test script tab.

    I have used extendedstorage.clientpath to save my GH test resource, but no luck. and also not sure how to load the project file also.
    Can you please help here.

  2. Hi Joe,

    I am trying to fetch the testcase with its “Run Id” and click on the particluar testcase.
    So it navigates to “Run Details” Window.
    Now i have to go to this path:
    RUN Details –> Steps–>”Actual Result ” .
    i need to update the “Actual Result ” column with my predefined text in UFT.
    Can you help me with this please!!

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