ALM/Quality Center Launch Report Button is Grayed out Fix

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ALM Test Lab Launch Report Button grayed out issue

I just wanted to write a quick post for one of the questions I get asked often from my co-workers:

Why is the Launch Report button grayed out in the Test Lab, Execution Grid?”

Luckily the fix is easy, but rather than to continue to answer each one individually, I thought it would be better to frame my reply in the form of a quick post.

How to fix the Quality Center Launch Report Button

The ALM execution grid's Launch Button is easily enabled by downloading and installing the HP QuickTest Add-in for ALM/ QC. To install:

  • In ALM click on the Help>Add-ins Page menu option

  • In the Application Lifecycle Management – Add-ins screen select the More HP ALM Add-In link
  • Under the Add-ins for HP Applications choose either the QuickTest Professional or the Unified Functional Testing add-in. This add-in enables you to work with QTP/UFT in an HP ALM project

  • Install by taking all the default options
  • Once installed navigate back to ALM>Test Lab>Test Set>Execution Grid and notice that the Launch Report is now enabled

Cool – that's it – hope it helps.

6 responses to “ALM/Quality Center Launch Report Button is Grayed out Fix”

  1. The launch report button will be greyed out if the VC++2005 Redistributable version 8.0.59193 is not installed. QTP11 needs this version to be present when QTP is installed. But if you install VC++2005 Redist 8.0.61001, it may remove version 8.0.59193 and break the launch report button. You can install 8.0.59193 after 8.0.61001 so that both are present.

  2. James and Joe,
    I have struggled with this myself recently. I appreciate you discussing this on your site.

  3. Hi James/ Joe,

    I am opening ALM from central server, So that if I choose add-ins QTP means its taking me to HP’s page for downloading that respected QTP add-ins,

    Help me to figure out this,


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