5 Reason Why You Need To Join Guild Conferences: Testimonial by Mike Clark

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Mike Clark Guild Conferences Review

Hey, how are you doing? This is Mike Clark.

I am the QA engineering manager at iSpot.tv and also the author of the automationjourney.com. 

Just want to take a moment to talk to you a little bit about automation guild and automation 2018 and what I got out of that.

 It was fantastic. 

Skeptical of Online Conferences?

 It was the first time I attended a conference that everything is online. I was kind of skeptical because I didn't know exactly what to think of an online conference.

Most of the conferences I've been to you know you're there in person and things sort and one of the things that kind of grabbed my attention about attending this conference was because it didn't have some of the overlap that we see where we go to some of our other conferences right.

You know where there's one workshop going on at the same time another one's going on and you have to make decisions as to which one to go to as well as by keynote speakers and things of that sort just kind of overlapping one another. 

 So I had kind of five takeaways that I thought were really important to not only for myself but just for anybody going forward that may be interested in attending AutomationGuild, PerfGuild or the upcoming TestingGuild.

Awesome Presenters

 The first one was just the presenters. I mean this was like a who's who of automation.

 You know you have people like Gil Tair, Richard Bradshaw, Angie Jones, Eran Kinsbruner, Corina Pip, Lisa Crispin, Ash Coleman, Paul Grizaffi, Megan Lewis, T.J. Maher, Paul Grossman, Greg Paskal and they were there just kind of giving themselves to us giving them giving us their expertise and passing down information that we probably would be time-boxed into at a conference in person. The other thing I liked about it as well this is kind of the Q&A and things that sort that happened afterward. There were roundtables. That in itself was really really great for me.

Affordable Conferences for Testers

The other thing was that the price — it was beyond reasonably priced. I mean that's something I think we've all experience where you know sometimes our companies or just even our own personal budgets you know may not allow us to be able to pay for certain things that we'd like to go to. And this one was reasonably priced it was one hundred ninety-seven dollars and something that you know when I brought you up my company it was like oh yeah done deal, no problem at all.


The third take away from it that I got was the convenience of it. So what I did was I took three days off to watch the conference at home. I just stayed at home those days, fired up my laptop, fired up my tablet had everything hooked up to the Big 4kTV and it was like I was right there. And it was nice because again you know you're in the convenience of your own home. You're not competing against different people talking and things of that sort or cell phones going off or any of that mess. It was just great.

Course/Membership Like Content

The fourth thing is the content. So that's what I thought was really really cool about this. So you keep the content the content is yours you can go back to the recording sessions all the sessions are recorded by the way. You can go back to sessions as many times as you want. I used it a number of times just to get refreshers and things sort of to go back over my notes make sure that I jot down things correctly. That in itself is well worth the price.

Awesome Automation Community in the Guild Slack Channel

And the last thing I got out of there was the Slack channel. The Slack channel for Automation Guild was something that was introduced during the Guild but it doesn't end there. So it's a continuous way by which you can network with your peers. A lot of presenters are on there. They answer questions sometimes instantaneously. I've never had a question that wasn't answered by one of the people that I asked. And another good thing about this the slack channel as well is that you get different perspectives from different people so you know what this one person may have a perspective on may differ from that person and so on. 

Guild Conferences Highly Recommended

 It's just great. And I really really high really recommend it for anybody that's a beginner, intermediate, expert whatever wherever you are in your career your automation career I highly, highly recommend Guild Conferences like the Automation Guild.

 I was so taken away by it that they have the Testing Guild that's coming up. So I and one of the people on my team will be taking part in that will be taking part in PerfGuild as well. I mean it's just absolutely, absolutely awesome. It's well worth the price of admission.

Kudos to Joe Colantonio for all that he does you know for the testing community as a whole. But this was really really great for me because again I'm pretty new to automation.

 I have a number of years of experience in testing, mostly as a black box tester, but I've been a QA manager for a number of years as well. I want to learn more about automation. I challenge myself to start learning that this past year and had it not been for this Guild I don't think I would be as far along as I am right now. 

So those are my five takeaways from it. I highly recommend it.

And again kudos to Joe. And yes please please, please next automation Guild I advise all of you to take part in it.

Again this is Mike Clark QA engineering manager at iSpot.tv as well as the author of the blog AutomationJourney.com.

Thank you.


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Mike Clark Guild Conferences Review